Shining Love

I can’t remember the last time we were all in one place – my father, my siblings and myself.

But there we were on Saturday. Together, all of his children and my children.





And it was just us – well, us and 60,000+ other people. We all made a trip & spent our time and money to be together. It was so worth it!

The weather was a perfect as my heart was happy. The sun and the Father shone down on us brightly.

Things between us all haven’t always been good. Let’s just say that, like you’d find on a Facebook status, “It’s Complicated”.

We’re a complicated group with a complicated history. But we love deeply and that is as simple as it gets.

After a week where I, the city of Boston and the entire nation was reminded once again of life’s fragility, I needed to be with them.


It’s funny how family brings you home. It’s not really so much the physical place that fills your heart, but the people.

As I sat in hard stadium seats surrounded by strangers, somehow I was at home in my heart.

I looked up past the sea of people into a perfectly blue sky and was reminded once again,

“For as high as the heavens are above the earth, so great is His love…” Psalm 103:11

Hard days come. We get busy.  The storm clouds roll in.

But the heavens remain in place – they don’t lower themselves closer to the earth.

Sometimes we believe the illusion that they do, but it isn’t so.

The Father’s love for you and me is the same. It never lessens. It never lowers.


Let the heavens, the skies above you, be a reminder of His love for you.

Anytime you need to remember, just look up.

I’m Forgiven


“My mistakes are running through my mind

And I’ll relive my days, in the middle of the night.

I struggle with my pain, wrestle with my pride

Sometimes I feel alone, and I cry.” (Sanctus Real, ‘I’m Forgiven‘)

This is me. Every word. Every description.  Every action.

There is no one in the world that can tell you about my mistakes and wrongs in more detail than I can.

I remember them all. Every. Single. One. (I’ve probably even assigned a few to myself unnecessarily!)


I never really understood forgiveness until I became a parent. And being the parent of a teen has really taught me a lot about what it means to forgive and to be truly forgiven.

My son makes mistakes. You know, the ordinary teenager mistakes…. I-saw-that-coming-a-mile-away mistakes. I-can-tell-you-how-this-will-end mistakes. You know the kind, right?

I know them, too. Because I have made them.

Seeing him be his own worst enemy at times and knowing how much the disappointment in himself hurts is like looking in the mirror.

An “A-ha” moment. Now I get it….

And now I know, too, as a mother how my heavenly Father feels about me. The true essence of grace and mercy and forgiveness.


All of the failures and mistakes that I remember,

The secrets and pains that I run from,

The regrets and guilt and sorrow of yesterday are gone.

There is only grace and love.


“If you, O Lord, kept a record of wrongs…. who could stand? But with you there is forgiveness.” Psalm 130:3-4