Five Minute Friday – True

clock gears

They are like the gears turning in a clock – the stories swirling all around you.

A teenager is experiencing young love for the first time. The nerves, the excitement, the insecurity, the reckless abandon that comes when you feel like you can take on the world.

A middle-aged woman has just lost her job. She’s embarrassed and feels like everyone must have seen it coming except her. She may be right.

A little girl tries on the newly placed Halloween costumes in the store, imagining all that she could be with each one. Telling her story, singing her song with each piece of clothing. Which one will she choose? She’s a dreamer, always seeing what is possible while the rest of the world is stuck in their realities.

A mother who has worked hard for many years is moving on from one chapter of her life into another. She is caught in the bittersweet dance of letting go and holding on.

They never stop spinning and swirling, these stories all around you. Do you see them? Can you really fathom their depth?

If you’re anything like me, you probably find it hard sometimes to step outside of your own spinning truth and recognize that of another. It’s not easy to do unintentionally.

But sometimes, the Grand Engineer puts something into the mix that makes everything stop. Still. Frozen. So that, even if for just a moment, you can see all that is really going on around you.

Those things that you thought were about you – the teenager’s moodiness, the co-worker being sharp in her tone, the little girl not listening & the woman sticking her two-cents in – really aren’t about you at all. You are just feeling the wind from their swirling truths.

That’s the beauty and the irony of this design. You can see it all play out and everything makes perfect sense when you stop and take a look around. And just know that, when things don’t slow down and you can’t seem to pick your head up, that there is One who is in charge of it all. He’s making sure the pieces fit together and the gears keep spinning. He’s in control and you don’t have to be. On that truth you can rely.



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Five Minute Friday – She


She’s in the middle of a mess – raising kids on her own with dishes in the sink and bills on the table and shoes scattered in the floor.

It’s a glorious mess. Because she doesn’t do everything right &, even though things aren’t picture perfect, they are perfectly happy & loved & filled.

This house that they live in is unfinished, on the way to repair and its full beauty. She works on it a bit here and there. And when she gets to a place in the project that needs extra attention, she stops for a while. Being certain not to move on from it too quickly. Much like her heart.

You may not see the progress from the outside looking in. But those who live inside the walls know what life is really like on the inside… full, happy, silly, and sometimes even fun.

She won’t spend her days slaving over a sink of dishes or a pile of clothes. She won’t scream and yell in anger for the toys to be picked up or the trash to be taken out.

For, you see, these years pass so quickly. And having Barbie out of place and socks on the floor aren’t nearly enough to trade happy memories for.

She’s done away with the finer things in life, only to discover that she never really knew what the finer things were. And, by God’s grace, she has had those all along. Even without a car, a cell phone, high speed internet and designer clothes – she is rich beyond measure.

And those who can’t see that aren’t really looking. Yes, she’s in the middle of a mess. A glorious, beautiful mess full of grace and mercy. And she wouldn’t trade it for the world.



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