Brand New


something new

“Forget about what’s happened. Don’t keep going over old history. Be alert. Be present. I’m about to do something brand new. It’s bursting out! Don’t you see it?” ~ Isaiah 43:19-20

The start of something new is always exciting. Whether it’s a fun DIY project, a recipe, maybe a job or a relationship. It’s bursting with possibility!

And then it happens (at least for me it does)…. that small skeptic begins to whisper words of doubt and nay-saying things.

“I don’t remember it looking like that on Pinterest.”

“Do you really think you’ll have time for this? Just one more thing you’ll start and not finish.”

“They probably won’t like the way this tastes.”

“He’ll call you next week? Okay, sure he will.”

My biggest problem in starting something new is forgetting the old. I know it’s my way of protecting myself from disappointment & hurt. Really, I get it. But, those same walls that protect me from the outside are holding me hostage, isolated on the inside.

He’s doing something NEW. Not to be compared with anything else – past or present.

Maybe you’ve left things undone in the past. Maybe you’ve tried things that haven’t turned out. Maybe a relationship didn’t end up being all you thought it would. And maybe, just maybe, you’re prejudgment and doubts contributed to the outcome. You know, that whole self-fulfilling prophecy thing.

You’re in a NEW place!

Today is a NEW day!

He is doing a NEW thing!

Let’s just sit back with excitement & watch what happens…

Just Another Monday


The iPad alarm chimes letting me know that Monday is here. Ugh! Before the birds are chirping or the sun is peaking over the horizon, I am jumping up to throw uniforms in the dryer and packing lunches. Feed the pets and start the coffee.

Getting the day started is not a fun responsibility, but I’ve learned that it’s an important one. Sure, I want to be the one still laying in bed dreaming. And on the days when I allow myself to do that I end up running around the house in a frenzy, snapping at the kids with impatience, and something always gets forgotten. Not the tone I like to carry into the rest of my day…

So, if Monday finds you dragging and you’ve had one of “those” mornings, remember that you are not the only one. It only takes a few deep breaths and a few minutes of self-talk to turn it around. Have you heard the saying, “It’s not how you start, but how you finish that really matters”? That’s certainly true in this instance, too.

Maybe you think the little things you do don’t matter, they do.

Packing lunches & putting away clothes, signing homework & paying bills – it matters.

Planning dinner while cleaning up breakfast, feeding the cat and chasing after the dog – it matters.

All of the mundane things that Monday brings to your door – they matter.

You matter. Your words, your story, your impact on your corner of the world.

They make more of a difference & matter more than you can ever know!