Be Where Your Feet Are

stand firm

“Be where your feet are.”

A while back I changed the way I plan and publish posts. In an attempt to promote cohesive content and more consistent posting, I began to plan my content & write ahead of time with scheduled publishing dates. I know several bloggers who use this method & swear by it – some of my favorite, most admired writers. So, I thought, why not give it a try?

That experiment has taught me a few things that I’ll take with me moving forward and validated some things that I’ve always felt to be true…

1. I do this as much, if not more, for myself as I do for others. It’s my form of self-talk and in-the-mirror moments. There is no financial gain or materialistic profit going on here. I love words and I need the outlet – and this is where those two merge.

2. Planning to the detail has its place in my life, but it isn’t here. In my paying job, we plan. A lot. So for me, planning in those same ways in this space began to make it feel like work. I was always thinking of what’s next rather than living in the now.

3. It doesn’t work for me. Logically, I get the benefits. Really, I do. And I’m all about trying something different and looking at things from a new perspective. This just wasn’t a good fit for me.

Last night, I had the opportunity to hear Dr. Kevin Elko speak at a fundraiser event. {If you ever get chance to see him, you should!} In the 1 1/2 – 2 hours that he spoke, there were a lot of “nuggets” of wisdom & self-talk scripts shared. The one that resonated with me? Be where your feet are.

Live in this moment. Soak it up. Not dwelling on yesterday or worrying about tomorrow. Right here. Right now. Be where your feet are.

There are lessons to be learned and things to be taken away from this. very. moment. And while you are dwelling on who hurt your feelings or what you didn’t get done yesterday, the moment has passed. You’ve missed it. It’s gone. Be where your feet are.

While I’m planning out what to write and share tomorrow, the content I’m living today is getting missed. There is a part of me being overlooked and that shows in what I share with you. I’m thinking about the next post and missing out on the opportunity for self-talk and encouragement. And I can feel it in my every day. Be where your feet are.

Wherever this post finds you today, I pray that you’ll take a moment and just live in it. Stuck in traffic, wearing a newborn, on your lunch break or at the end of a long day. Just be. Knowing that you are loved beyond measure and created for a time such as this.

Be where your feet are.