Beauty In the Waiting


It’s 4:47am. The house is quiet (for now). The kids are asleep. The sun has not yet risen. The only loud movement is in my mind….

In a few hours, the kids and I will be travelling with friends. We’re going to spend a week together in a house that overlooks Mobile Bay, my happy place. It really is a homecoming for me – the place I feel most at peace and closest to God. The thought of sharing it with friends leaves me both excited and nervous. A very real part of who I am is represented in this place and letting others in to experience that is a scary thing. A necessary, beautiful, scary thing.

Going home always brings back memories – the good and the unfortunate. The memories will surface, like a familiar person that always shows up. There is comfort in the certainty of him being there, but you aren’t necessarily glad to see him. I’m okay to see him this time around & simply wave as I pass by…

You see, what I’ve come to know is that acknowledging what has hurt you in the past allows you to leave it there. Yes, it can be emotional. No, it isn’t always easy. Just as we visit a grave site of someone who has passed, we can also pay respects to a season in our life that has passed – and the people who walked with us in those seasons, as well.

As I sit here waiting for the sun to rise and the day to begin, I remember the significance of this day. How fitting that on the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter Sunday, I am waiting on something beautiful. Yesterday’s pain still fresh at times, but the promise of a better tomorrow sits just over the horizon. And I am waiting. Standing firm in the promises of our Lord, just as the faithful did so very long ago.

There is beauty in the waiting.