It’s been so long since I’ve posted here in this place. There are reasons more complex than I can put into words, but the short of it is this – I was not sure that I had something to give you worth sharing. Life is just so complicated.

Like you, I’ve endured a very long presidential campaign season. Perhaps you’re like me and feel like there is an abundance of words being tossed around these days. Everyone has an opinion (including me). Everyone wants to be heard (including me). There is so much talking and not enough listening.

I’ve prayed and pondered about how I can play a part in the healing. “Do what you know.” That is what my heart keeps screaming. And what I know is encouragement and love and acceptance. I’ve also found a niche with words and social media connections. What you’ll find here in this place is my way of mixing all of those things.

The graphics you find here are free and my way of putting positive, encouraging messages back into our everyday conversations and interactions. Please download them, print them, post them, and share them as you feel led. xoxo

Best for Facebook and Instagram


Best for Facebook and Instagram
Best for Twitter

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