Mom to Jonathan and Sophia (Along with Marley Pup & Trouble Kitty).

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IMG_5557          775785_10200294414753435_1715880606_o

Lover of words, coffee, Jesus and music.

typewriter          instagram-43293-179887227475067195-38169607 IMG_1504           8325068912_e8c8b7bf2e_z

(In)courager of spirits.

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Collector of all things “B” – books, baskets, bottles, boxes & bows.

20130510-02-coastal-vintage-bottles-abeachcottage.com_              df7b5fee6d15b414043e84d06e975650 il_fullxfull.369712632_dtek           photo copy

If I had all the answers, I would give them to you. I’m just learning along the way. Raising my kids & living each day looking for the lesson in every circumstance.

Traveler on a journey of faith through the ordinary.

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